Sims 2 Wardrobe Wrangler

Sims 2 Wardrobe Wrangler 1.1

With this tool you can manage all your custom CAS related content items
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1.1.3026 (See all)
Josh Smith

This program allows you to edit any type of custom content from Create-A-Sim (CAS) as an alternative to Bodyshop (BS) or SimPE.
The Sims 2 Wardrobe Wrangler will help you to do all of the following:
- Keep Organized: Manage all your custom CAS related content items, edit them into proper categories, change tool tips, set proper color bins, and sort through your files quickly and easily!
- Advanced Functions: Set shoe sounds, and do other things that you would otherwise need a knowledge of a more advanced tool to do.
- Orphan Scanner: Scan for orphan meshes or textures.
- Edit Genetics: Change genetic properties such as genetic power of skin tones, dominance of eye colors, and more.

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